Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment Program

Restored Paths to Relationships program is an Idaho Approved Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment Program.

Goals/Treatment Philosophy follows the Idaho Domestic Violence Councils Guidelines:

    1. Defines domestic violence as any abusive, violent, coercive, forceful, or threatening act or word inflicted by one member of a family     or a household member as defined in Idaho Code 18-918(a) on another along a broad spectrum of behavior from a one-time incident     to a pattern of coercion that might include physical, emotional, psychological, verbal, sexual, or economic abuse or property damage;
    2. Clearly defines domestic assault or battery as a crime;
    3. Agrees with the principle that those who use violence against a household member as defined in Idaho Code 18-918(a) must                 accept responsibility and consequence for their choice;
    4. Supports a treatment plan with first priority to end abuse, and establish a basis for safety;
    5. Promotes changing attitudes toward intimate partners and other family members and violence in the family;
    6. Recognizes that domestic violence has multiple causative and contributing factors;
    7. Recognizes that the conduct of a victim does not excuse the choice to use violence by the offender;
    8. Recognizes that domestic violence is complex and requires on-going comprehensive assessment for effective intervention; 
    9. Recognizes that substance abuse, anger management, and mental health treatment are not substitutes for domestic violence             offender  intervention though they may be necessary components of successful recovery;
    10.Recognizes that the intervention must be based on the assessment of the offender and the nature of violence; and 4
    11. Recognizes the decision of a family to remain together as a valid choice if safety is a first priority and mutual respect a primary             value. Further recognizes that family involvement in recovery may eventually be necessary for long-term success.

Group Times in CDA :

Men: Fridays 9-1030 am or 530-7 pm
Women: Fridays 11-1230 pm

Groups meet one time weekly for 52 sessions to complete the program.

Group Times in Kellogg:
All groups are telehealth at this time.

Cost: $40 one-time book fee; $35 per session


Jennifer Jackson, LMSW, State of Idaho Approved Direct Service Provider
Jennifer Romero LCSW, ACADC, State of Idaho Approved Supervisor